Registry #2

Last week I told you my top 5 suggestions for items to register for. Today I’m going to tell you the top 5 items I wish I had put on my registry. Some of the items I didn’t put on our registry and others I did but we just didn’t get them. I’ll tell you more after I list each item.

1. KitchenAid Stand Mixer

KichenAid Mixer

We did have this mixer on our registry, we just didn’t have it gifted to us and for some reason didn’t buy it after the wedding with our discount at Home Outfitters. I’m not a huge baker (as those of you who know me would have guessed!). But the odd time I do want to bake cookies, it sure is hard to mix everything by hand!

2. Coffee Mugs

I know, how did we not register for coffee mugs? Well again, we did but for some reason we didn’t get them gifted to us and when we went to buy items off our registry after the wedding- they had been discontinued. We did have some mugs so we figured we wouldn’t buy mugs that didn’t match the rest of our dishes. So now we have an assortment of mugs ranging from Starbucks Christmas mugs to random mugs that have moved with us over the years.

3. Wok


This is something my husband and I have just recently wished we registered for. We have started to make a lot more Asian inspired meals and a Wok would be great to cook up stir fries.

4. Home Decor

We discussed registering for home decor while making our registry list, but decided not to. We decided not to because we knew we were still going to be living in an apartment so space is always limited and we didn’t know what ‘our’ style would be (and we are still figuring it out!) However, if you do agree on your home style, I would say register for home decor. I would recommend decorative bowls, candle holders, pillows, picture frames and even artwork.

5. luggage

Okay we haven’t really done any serious traveling, but both our families live about an hour/hour and a half away. So it’s nice to have luggage when going to their house for the weekend. And who knows, maybe one day we will be world travelers-so  luggage would be great!

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One thought on “Registry #2

  1. Kiirsten says:

    Oh Janis. People ALWAYS register for those KitchenAid stand mixers. Some generous aunt or uncle will spend $300 buying it for the happy couple, and then that couple will use it maybe three times in a year. People who are not avid bakers (a.k.a everyone but those individuals who start in-home cupcake businesses) find them too much trouble to unpack, clean, use, clean and repack. I don’t think Rheanne even owns one, and she bakes several times a week. Couples should register for a powerful hand mixer because 9/10 times that’s what they are going to reach for anyway.

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